MedLink professional

If you are a health care professional, MedLink professional ( is your choice of the working platform for your daily clinical practice. It is a comprehensive clinical documentation and health care information management system for your clinical practice.

On top of this, MedLink professional has much more. It brings your best colleagues and peers and your needed supportive resources, nationwide and worldwide, just there be with you, at any time when you are in need, to support your clinical practice .

The functions of MedLink are developed with the mission of the MedLink Developemnt Partnership as always,

  1. to facilitate physicians’ clinical documentation and clinical practice for high quality of medical services;
  2. to facilitate professional partnership for reciprocal professional expertise supports for their clinical practice;
  3. to assisting patients for their health care management; and
  4. to facilitate the communications between patients and physicians, efficient and effective, and therefore a better health care.

MedLink Partnership Programs

Clinical Partnership Programs are the programs that many partner medical institutions with their different expertise and roles work together to achieve a high volume and high quality of medical services. It usually involves primary health care services, specialty medical services, independent third-party professional services, and intra- and inter-institutes quality control processes.

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MedLink Partnership Service

Some MedLink develpment partners may involve the development of basic core functions of MedLink. Some others may development various useful tools for MedLink professionals for assisting their clinical practice. These may include,

  • third-party supportive services for medical image diagnosis;
  • third-party supportive services for quality clinical documentation and clinical practice;
  • evidence-based clinical guidelines and standards integrated in the MedLink platform;
  • clinical decision supporting systems;
  • artificial intelligence tools; and
  • many others.

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