About Us

MedLink Health System is a professional tool for physicians’ clinical documentation and joint clinical practice, and for personal health care management.

MedLink platform has as its main aim to facilitate the continuing improvement of the quality of medical services through development of intuitive networks through a universally accessible cloud based health management service system.

The MedLink Service Concept has been developed to make it widely accessible to individual users and smaller health services entities providing a basic Patient Information Management Platform (PIMP) that is open for individual and institutional healthcare providers, with the understanding of the needs of clinical physicians for quality clinical practice, and the needs of patients for working with their physicians for better medical management. The system gives possibility to develop multiple ‘add on’ for specific specialized needs that can subsequently be made available to the greater user network.

MedLink is developed under a partnership program called the MedLink Development Partnership headquartered at Sekwa Institute of Medicine, Beijing, China.

For other information, please contact us at:

Office of Administration
MedLink Development Partnership
Sekwa Institute of Medicine
132 Xizhimen Nei Avenue, Beijing 100035, China
E-mail: mail@medlink.org
Website: www.medlink.org


Partnership Service

MedLink Develpment Partnership involves partners worldwide. The following services integrated with MedLink Health Care System are provided by these partners:

Automatic Image Diagnositic Reading for Diabetic Retinopathy

This AI (artificial intellegence) add-on program for diabetic retinopathy (DR) image grading is developed by a UK partnership team from University of Surrey and Moorfields Eye Hospital. DR image readers may find it a very helpful tool for their DR image assessment.

Program Administration:  University of Surrey, United Kingdom